Swim Central Florida



  SwimCFL is a membership organization of exceptionally qualified swimming instructors in central Florida.  Each instructor has a minimum of 7 years experience teaching infants and can not only teach survival skills, but also help your child progress from basic survival skills to self-reliance, stroke, and swimming for fun and fitness.  Click on our INSTRUCTORS tab to find an instructor near you.

Welcome to a family-friendly approach to swim lessons!
No longer do parents have to shop for survival swimming or "self-rescue" instruction, then look elsewhere when their children are ready to move on to other swim lessons.  No longer do parents have to find one instructor for their baby and another for their 5 year old.  With over 50 years combined teaching experience, you can be confident that any SwimCFL member can effectively teach any age and any skill level! 

Qualified SwimCFL instructors make learning fun!

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